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A Banjoist's Guide To Marketing with Chris Coole Episode 9

A Banjoist's Guide To Marketing with Chris Coole

· 23:30

A Banjoist's Guide To Marketing with Chris Coole

What if we told you that to be successful in marketing your music, you did not have to be on social media?  So many musicians struggle to keep up with the content creation process, but what if it wasn’t completely necessary?  

In today’s episode, we talk with Chris Coole, and discuss how he has successfully run marketing for his business with nothing but an email list for almost 3 decades.

Listen in as Chris describes how he built a thriving email list and why he only decided to join social media in February of 2020.

Learn how to leverage these insights to create a successful marketing plan for your music business.

About Chris Coole

Since falling in love with the sound of folk and early country music at the age of seventeen, you could loosely divide Chris Coole’s 30-year career as a full-time musician into three eras – ten years as a Toronto street and subway busker; ten years playing bluegrass residencies around Toronto’s bar scene; and ten years touring internationally; both solo and with the likes of The Lonesome Ace Stringband, The David Francey Band, and The Foggy Hogtown Boys. 

Throughout this musical journey, Chris has perhaps become best known as being one of the leading purveyors of the modern clawhammer-style banjo. He has developed a highly personal style that has often been described as instantly recognizable.

This unique voice on the instrument has not gone unnoticed by his fellow musicians and has led to playing as a collaborator (Ivan Rosenberg, Erynn Marshall, Arnie Naiman), sideman (Jim Cuddy, Natalie McMaster, Justin Rutledge, John Reischman, Sylvia Tyson), or producer (The Slocan Ramblers, David Francey)  on over 200 recordings. 

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