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Embracing your Entrepreneurial Self with Jenny Whiteley Episode 13

Embracing your Entrepreneurial Self with Jenny Whiteley

· 36:16

Embracing your Entreprenurial Self with Jenny Whiteley

Today we sit down with multiple JUNO Award-winning folk singer Jenny Whiteley, to explore her unique journey growing up in a “working-musician” family, to coming into her own as an entrepreneur within the music industry. Now, Jenny is running a successful series of music camps, along with continuing to write and perform. Join us as we discover how Jenny has embraced her entrepreneurial spirit to create a thriving career. 

About Jenny Whiteley

Jenny Whiteley grew up in a musical family in Toronto, Ontario. Her father and uncle, Chris and Ken Whiteley, started playing music together in their teens, and went on to form the popular Original Sloth Band in the heyday of Toronto folk.  As "the kids" Jenny and her brother Dan were always along for the fun at festivals and concerts, soaking up all the sounds and influences of folk, old time and blues.
Jenny has been inspired in her latest project to channel her early influences and musical life - her brand new recording “The Original Jenny Whiteley” includes several originals “in the style” of early jazz, jug band and old time music.  There are also some of Jenny`s live “hits” here, including In The Pines and Stealin`.  The recording sessions were all done live off the floor at H. Chris Brown`s Wolfe Island Post Office Studio, with producer-musician Sam Allison and Teillard Frost (Sheesham and Lotus).

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