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Financial Health For Artists with Sondra Gold Episode 5

Financial Health For Artists with Sondra Gold

· 52:45

It’s a feeling folks know all too well: the inner dread that sets in as tax season approaches. After all, you got into a creative field for a reason, and the thought of pivoting to accounting and balance sheets can be incredibly daunting.

But fear not, sole proprietors, artist entrepreneurs, and creative CEOs; today we are joined by Sondra Gold, CPA, who breaks down the keys to filing fast and filing well, making it all incredibly easy to understand (can taxes actually be fun?!). 

Whether you are just starting out, or well into your career, there are insights and money saving tips that everyone can use. We discuss everything from what you can deduct on your income tax, to when you need to register your business, start collecting and paying HST, and when it’s time to think about incorporating.

Listen in, and get ready to set yourself and your business up for success.

About Sondra Gold

Sondra grew up in a home filled with creativity. When it wasn’t her mom writing or performing music–her dad was blaring the Beatles, and she was practicing for her 10 years of dancing and performing in musicals. This love for the creative arts ignited her passion for working within the cultural industry.

Saddled with over a decade of experience working alongside music industry accountant veterans D. Jae Gold and Michelle Gold, Sondra has had the opportunity to work with many high profile clients and those who are just finding their footing in their careers. She has expertise in music, film, TV, comedy clubs, nightclubs, all performing arts, and anyone in front of and behind the camera.

Sondra’s speaking engagements include Coalition Music (Canada’s leading music incubator), VO North Conference, U Of T (Munk School of Global Affair), #paid, Music Managers Forum (MMF), Song Studio, Folk Music Ontario, Kensington Market Jazz Festival and more. 

Sondra works hand in hand to ensure her clients are tackling their immediate needs but also considering their future ambitions. Better yet, she equips them with the tools they need to understand how to run the accounting side of their business.

There’s nothing that brings greater fulfillment than to enable her clients to do what they love for a living so that she can take care of the accounting — After the Show.

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