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Transcending Cultural Boundaries with Just Prince Episode 25

Transcending Cultural Boundaries with Just Prince

· 36:19

This week on ReFolkUs, we chat with Just Prince about his musical influences from both Eastern classical and Western music. Through his superb musicianship and artistry, he weaves these influences together to create a distinctive sound that is uniquely his own.

Just Prince also discusses his ambitions for the future as a music artist, his strategies for overcoming self-doubt and discusses his recent achievement of winning the 2023 Colleen Peterson Songwriting Award for his song 'Kamli'.

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Toronto-based singer-songwriter, Just Prince, is known for seamlessly blending Western and Eastern sounds into a harmonious tapestry. With a captivating style that defies genre constraints, his music weaves elements of folk, rock, blues, and Hindustani classical music into a mesmerizing experience. 

Just Prince's evocative compositions take listeners on a sonic journey, transcending cultural boundaries and resonating with the soul. Through his innovative approach, he crafts a musical landscape that bridges worlds with the intention of humility and togetherness.

At this year's 2023 Ontario Folk Music Awards, Just Prince took home the Colleen Peterson award presented by the Ontario Arts Council which honors an emerging professional singer-songwriter.

Presented by Folk Music Ontario
Hosted by Rosalyn Dennett
Produced by Kayla Nezon and Rosalyn Dennett
Mixed by Jordan Moore of The Pod Cabin
Theme music “Amsterdam” by King Cardiac
Artwork by Jaymie Karn

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