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Advice From An Entertainment Lawyer with Byron Pascoe Episode 23

Advice From An Entertainment Lawyer with Byron Pascoe

· 44:09

In this week’s episode of ReFolkUs, we chat to entertainment lawyer Byron Pascoe, a partner at Edwards Creative Law, about the world of entertainment law and the important role a lawyer plays in a musician or creative worker's career. 

We delve into negotiating contracts, knowing your rights, and how the right lawyer will serve as both an advocate and advisor to help navigate the complex landscape of the music and entertainment business.

For more about Byron and Edwards Creative Law, visit:  www.edwardslaw.ca

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As an Entertainment Lawyer, Byron has an understanding of creative businesses, and how to provide value to creative clients. He has produced television and is active in various film, television and digital production communities, which helps to ensure he adds value to producer clients.

One of his main areas of focus is music law, working with recording artists, producers, composers, managers, music service businesses, and festivals. He is involved in the music scene and focuses on professional development, to help creators understand the business of their craft. He was also awarded the Impact Award at the inaugural Ottawa Music Awards.

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