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Creativity through Self Discovery with Saskia Tomkins Episode 15

Creativity through Self Discovery with Saskia Tomkins

· 35:55

In this episode, Rosalyn sits down with Saskia Tomkins, as they discuss the invitations for vulnerability that can come with the highs and lows of living in a post-pandemic age.

Tune in, as they consider concepts of self-discovery, creative expression, and having the courage to take the lead in sharing your story; as Saskia also offers listeners her reflections on how she navigates the connection between music, identity, and culture.

In this episode we are thrilled to premiere the live video “Farewell to Music” performed by Saskia Tomkins. The track was recorded live off the floor at the 2022 Folk Music Ontario Conference. 

About Saskia Tomkins

Saskia Tomkins is a master musician, educator, a composer, and multi-instrumentalist, performing on violin, viola, cello and Nyckelharpa. 
UK born, she is classically trained with a folk background and a B.A.hons. in Jazz Music. As an All-Britain Champion Irish Fiddler, in 2022, she also received an award for services to Irish Music in Canada.
Saskia was the official Artist in Residence, in 2022, with Folk Alliance International, and is currently Artist in Residence with British-based organization The Mixed Museum - which works to preserve and share the social history of racial mixing in Britain of Black and ethnic minorities for future generations.
Over the years, Saskia has worked with many musicians, including: The Chieftains, Sultans of String, Jabbour, MEDUSA, and many other fabulous acts along with her husband Steáfán Hannigan and son Oisín Hannigan.

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Presented by Folk Music Ontario
Hosted by Rosalyn Dennett
Produced by Kayla Nezon (Folk Music Ontario), Rosalyn Dennett (Folk Music Ontario), Tim Fraser + Tanya Fraser (Murdoch Entertainment)
Recorded by Kayla Nezon, and Jordan Moore of The Pod Cabin
Edited by Jordan Moore of The Pod Cabin
Theme music “Amsterdam” by King Cardiac
Artwork by Jaymie Karn
The ReFolkUs Project is made possible through the generous support of the Department of Canadian Heritage

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