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Crafting a Compelling Story with Hilary Saunders Episode 11

Crafting a Compelling Story with Hilary Saunders

· 39:07

As creatives, we often feel more comfortable telling other people’s stories rather than our own. What facts should you include? How do you ensure you sound humble, articulate and interesting without seeming egotistical?

Just like any art form, there’s a combination of art and science that goes into writing your bio, and our guest, No Depression editor Hilary Saunders, has mastered the combination through years as a journalist and editor for one of the world's most well-respected music publications.

Listen in as we demystify the process of how to uncover the lede in your personal story, to assemble a bio that is compelling, and 100% you. 

About Hilary Saunders
Hilary Saunders is the Managing Editor at No Depression, the leading source for roots music since 1995. She manages the quarterly print publication, where she strives to highlight under-represented voices in this niche musical community. As Managing Editor, she also serves as the liaison for the publication’s nonprofit publisher, the 501(c)(3) FreshGrass Foundation.

With more than 10 years accruing journalistic bylines and two-and-a-half years in arts administration, Hilary is well-versed in writing and editing features, marketing copy, social media posts, business plans, artist biographies, style guides, and pretty much any other product you can creatively conjure using words.

Hilary is a proud alumna of The U, member of the National Press Club and Society of Professional Journalists — NYC Chapter, and un-ironic believer that rock and roll can save the world.

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